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  Founded by award-winning publisher Karen McDermott in 2018 the Everything Publishing                             Academy has quickly become a high achieving group for author-publishers.  Members were reaching         goals at record rates under the guidance of Karen. 

      Many people have writing a book on their bucket list, but never end up doing it because                                      they have no idea where to begin or how to leverage its potential. It’s quite common to                                     feel overwhelmed with everything that it takes to successfully publish a book, which                                         leads to many authors wasting time, money and energy, not only figuring it out but making                             costly mistakes. The world needs your books!

                  The Everything Publishing Academy covers everything you need to know (from writing a book                    to importing and beyond) to successfully publish your book. It’s a place where you can learn                     the steps at a pace that’s right for you. It’s the platform Karen wishes she had before she began                 her journey of publishing over 300 books. Armed with her industry knowledge and insight, she                 will help you navigate the way to success.


Are you ready to save time and avoid making expensive mistakes on your publishing journey?


Knowledge is the key to publishing success!


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